Thursday, 18 June 2015

Let's take a look at: Mermaids

Here are some of the things we know about the mermaids in "On stranger tides".

The mermaids are half woman half fish with long powerful tails and though they look more human than any sea creature they are lethal predators, though beautiful and enchanting they use this for evil and are cannibals.

We know that the Mermaids are attracted to the surface by man-made light and sailors singing. 

They lure sailors into the water to their death. This quote from Barbossa:
"Aye. Mermaids, Sea ghouls, devil fish, dreadful in hunger for flesh of man"
Reveals that mermaids eat their prey once they have dragged it to the depths, in 
this case unfortunate sailors.

Their true nature reveals fangs and cat eyes (scary image mate!) Their skin would also gain more scales, this would only happen underwater. Once above water they would take on human form as well as gain legs if fully out of  water.

It appears that Mermaids need to breathe air, I don't quite get that. Syrena might have been trying to escape as they often seemed to carry her through shallow pools, however she only gasps for air after Philip opens the case a bit. It could be that she breathes like a fish and fresh water would have helped as well.

We find out from Philip that apparently Mermaids are the descendants of those people who were shut out of the ark. (This raises a host of other questions, but I will save that for another time.)

They gain legs on land. It is not clear if they have the ability to walk as well, Syrena is unable to but this could be due to Philip stabbing her fin earlier.

The Mermaids have superhuman strength, they are able to break through a wooden boardwalk with their bare hands and in large enough numbers they can take down a ship.

Mermaids can survive in the water and on land, but when partly out of the water and trapped in mermaid form they slowly dry out and die.

A mermaids tear was valuable but hard to come by. A mermaids tear was needed for the fountain of youth ritual, but as they are tough and willful creatures it is likely that they will sooner die than cry. Some mermaids like Syrena were too tough for tears of sadness but were able to cry a tear of joy which were said to be more potent.

A Mermaid's kiss will protect a sailor from drowning, this explains how Philip can live with Syrena underwater.

Mermaids also seem to possess some supernatural powers, Syrena tells Blackbeard "All will die even you, soon I hear" Syrena also handed Jack the chalices saying "Do not waste my tear" suggesting that she sensed or knew Angelica was dying.

And despite how evil most of the "Sisters of the Sea" are, there appear to be some who are capable of  loving and doing good.

What think ye of Mermaids? Are ye as fascinated by these mythical creatures as I?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Random Post!

So I was looking for pictures from POTC... and came across this awesome post about things you never knew about POTC.. and it's awesome!! I seriously didn't know half of this stuff... Check it out!!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tales if the Code: Wedlocked

Have you ever heard of the Pirates of the Caribbean prequel? I discovered it a few years ago (and was excited of course) this 7 and a half minute long prequel to "The curse of the Black Pearl" attempts to answer some questions raised in the first movie.

Enjoy the video!

Now here are the things explained. Why Cotton had his tongue cut out. why Giselle and Scarlett greeted Jack with a slap (nice rhyme eh?) and why Jack's boat was sinking in his opening scene.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Why we are so happy that Will is returning for POTC 5

   Wow. That has got to be the worlds longest title... Okay. So this post is to follow up the one Alicia did, mentioning that Will is going to be back in POTC 5. I'm just going to list the reasons why that is so amazing, and then elaborate.

1. He's awesome.
Ok, so that's not much of a reason, but it should count, because he is awesome.

Seriously, look at his epic hat!!

2. He is not overly funny.
That may not seem like a good thing... But, Jack is funny and all, but to much of him, and he just gets annoying. That's why POTC 4 wasn't as good, because there were just to many Jack one liners, and the movie was lacking the drive and get-it-done mentality that Will, (and Elizabeth) had. Cue his famous line:
                                      "That's not good enough!"

3. He is a good fighter.
Will is awesome at fighting, and he actually knows how to run!! *gasp* And no, I'm not trying to knock Jack, but Will can run better them him...

4. He is captain of the Flying Dutchmen.
Uh huh. And since he isn't cruel like Davy Jones, he will use that power for good, not evil!  Epicness!!

Okay.. Why is he leaning on the part of the railing that has a hole in it??

5. We missed him.
Ya, we missed him in number four. Much.

6. He has common sense.
That is a good asset, isn't it? He is able to think in tight situations, and adapt to any circumstance.

Okay, except for that. Not smart bud..

7. He is willing to work with a wide variety of people.
I appreciate that he is willing to break Jack out of jail, and not be prejudiced because he's a pirate.
Random gif...

8. He is loyal
I love how hard he tries to save his dad. He cares so much about his father, which is cool to see.
He is also faithful to Elizabeth, which is awesome.

Because this picture??!!

9. He is an important character.
Will helps the movie have a much more diverse range of characters. (Which always makes a story better, in my humble opinion.)

10. He is romantic.
Ok, so that doesn't have anything to do with #5, because Elizabeth, so far, isn't in it. :( :(
But, it's true, so I had to put it down. He is a very good looking, romantic pirate. ;)
I mean seriously..

Uh huh.
 And the fact that he proposed to her in the middle of a battle, in the pouring rain, is pretty romantic to. (besides the fact that they both could have been killed during the wedding ceremony.) 

And now some random funny pictures.
Orlando Bloom on set

Hee hee!! I love the look on Will's face in this picture!! 
In case you didn't know, Orlando Bloom also played Legolas, in The Lord of the Rings. 
(Legolas is the guy with long blond hair...)

Well, that's all folks!! 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Exciting news!

I have been keeping up with any news I could get on Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Dead Men Tell No Tales. It was suppose to come out this year but has been set back (cue the sad faces:    ) and is now issued to come out in 2017. But I have come upon some celebrate-worthy information... I sum up my feelings in one poster:

Because Orlando Bloom is in it so that of course means...

Will Turner is returning as Captain of the Flying Dutchman!!!!!!!

Hip hip hooray!!! Hip hip hooray!!! Hip hip hooray!

Things were unclear earlier, but now it's confirmed!!! And now for some pictures of Will Turner:

If only the movie were coming out this year...

Friday, 5 June 2015

James Norrington: An Underappreciated Character

The title says it all, when thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean who jumps to mind the most? (probably Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, and after that Barbossa) Now Norrington is probably not on the top of your list.

But I say you haven't been doing him justice! And here is why.

He was promoted to Commodore. 
He is obviously capable, he does his job and he does it well. (We obviously don't support his side of wiping out pirates, but from his point of view he is  "Just doing his civic duty" (#Quote reference)

He is smart
Under that ridiculous white wig he has a good head on his shoulders, a quick thinker and a capable leader, he also has a good heart.

He truly cares about Elizabeth. 
We often glance over this (after all he is twice her age, and compared to Will he didn't stand a chance:) but think of it. He set out to rescue her when she was kidnapped by Barbossa and his crew, she promises to marry him if they set out to find Will, they are all gathered together and he finds out that Elizabeth loves Will and he has to put away his own feelings for her. And he gives them his blessing too, he obviously wants Elizabeth to be happy. After reading all that can't you help but feel the least bit sorry for him?

He is able to hold his own
I didn't even recognize Norrington in the second movie (I guess they wanted to give the actor a chance to look like a pirate and not "an ice cream cone" #behindthescenes) Norrington is down on his luck and seems to have thrown in his lot with pirates. But even under the circumstances he is able to hold his own amongst the pirating world and finds a way to get his "more respectable" life back.

His wits can (almost) match Jack's
Jack Sparrow is well known for his quick and witty sayings. It leaves most with a confused expression on their faces. But not Norrington, he will have a response waiting for Jack.

He let Jack get a head days start before going after him.
He was either being nice or he wanted to go home and sulk because Elizabeth's heart was meant for Will not him. (Seems like something that could be expected)

He dies because he helped Jack's crew escape.
Nothing more can be said

That concludes my list, What think ye of Norrington now?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

First Post!!!!

Yay! Here is our first post!! So a friend of mine showed me this awesome rendition of He's a Pirate from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Its so cool! I wish I could play this well!