Friday, 12 June 2015

Why we are so happy that Will is returning for POTC 5

   Wow. That has got to be the worlds longest title... Okay. So this post is to follow up the one Alicia did, mentioning that Will is going to be back in POTC 5. I'm just going to list the reasons why that is so amazing, and then elaborate.

1. He's awesome.
Ok, so that's not much of a reason, but it should count, because he is awesome.

Seriously, look at his epic hat!!

2. He is not overly funny.
That may not seem like a good thing... But, Jack is funny and all, but to much of him, and he just gets annoying. That's why POTC 4 wasn't as good, because there were just to many Jack one liners, and the movie was lacking the drive and get-it-done mentality that Will, (and Elizabeth) had. Cue his famous line:
                                      "That's not good enough!"

3. He is a good fighter.
Will is awesome at fighting, and he actually knows how to run!! *gasp* And no, I'm not trying to knock Jack, but Will can run better them him...

4. He is captain of the Flying Dutchmen.
Uh huh. And since he isn't cruel like Davy Jones, he will use that power for good, not evil!  Epicness!!

Okay.. Why is he leaning on the part of the railing that has a hole in it??

5. We missed him.
Ya, we missed him in number four. Much.

6. He has common sense.
That is a good asset, isn't it? He is able to think in tight situations, and adapt to any circumstance.

Okay, except for that. Not smart bud..

7. He is willing to work with a wide variety of people.
I appreciate that he is willing to break Jack out of jail, and not be prejudiced because he's a pirate.
Random gif...

8. He is loyal
I love how hard he tries to save his dad. He cares so much about his father, which is cool to see.
He is also faithful to Elizabeth, which is awesome.

Because this picture??!!

9. He is an important character.
Will helps the movie have a much more diverse range of characters. (Which always makes a story better, in my humble opinion.)

10. He is romantic.
Ok, so that doesn't have anything to do with #5, because Elizabeth, so far, isn't in it. :( :(
But, it's true, so I had to put it down. He is a very good looking, romantic pirate. ;)
I mean seriously..

Uh huh.
 And the fact that he proposed to her in the middle of a battle, in the pouring rain, is pretty romantic to. (besides the fact that they both could have been killed during the wedding ceremony.) 

And now some random funny pictures.
Orlando Bloom on set

Hee hee!! I love the look on Will's face in this picture!! 
In case you didn't know, Orlando Bloom also played Legolas, in The Lord of the Rings. 
(Legolas is the guy with long blond hair...)

Well, that's all folks!! 


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your reasons! Well, I'll admit I will NEVER tire of Jack's one liners, ever. (Seriously)

    1. Ya, I know, but, I did really REALLY miss Will and Elizabeth's common sense in number four.

    2. I know, I did too... if only Elizabeth were coming back in the fifth movie! How is Will going to be Will without her?