Monday, 10 August 2015

Savvy Ho!

The title is really irrelevant, but I must do a post since I appear to have fallen overboard somewhere this summer, deserted island full of rum don't you know? Got back strapped on to two sea turtles mate! Not really, but hey let's stop rambling and get on with it! I really only have a few pictures to share (pinterest stuff)... which is why I am shamelessly typing like a marooned fool (sheepish grin). Before I decrease your IQ with my musings (or lack thereof)... roll the bloody pictures already!!! (*heed my warning, I am in a most uproarious state of mind, this is not a coherent post*)

I totally agree

It's crazy


You'd better agree!


I Loooooove this song picture!

'scuse mah lang pic, love the quote!

  That somehow makes sense.

The determination in her eyes!

Must-have necklace pendant

I know a certain-someone who uses this quote 

ah, pinterest

If you are asking why this is funny, I will be shouting "Have you even watched the movie?!!" 

So that is my long nonsense post (fandom never did make sense so there) Savvy?


  1. Oh, my gosh, I love these!

    "And, does Mr. Potter have his key?" "Even better! He has a drawing of a key!"

    "I have an army." "We have a Hulk." "I GOTTA JAR O' DIRT!"

    "Except for Elizabeth, who is in fact a woman."

    I've seen all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (even the fourth, which didn't really meet my standards), and this post is AWESOME.

    1. The first two you listed are my favorites! It's just hilarious!!!! Do you have pinterest? There's loads more where that came from, just search pinterest for treasure!

      The fourth one wasn't all that great its true (and you are hearing this from a dedicated fan:) I really hope the fifth one will be better, besides, they took Will and Elizabeth out of the 4th movie, but Will is returning in the 5th!!!!!!!!

    2. Nope, I don't have Pinterest, sorry :-/ But, I do have Google Search (and, even better, I have safety settings applied)!

      YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Will X"D

    3. I know! Just including Will is going to make the movie that much better!