Sunday, 1 May 2016

New playlist!

Hello fellow fangirls (and fanboys). I do not mean this in the "wer're all silly and giggly term", simply away of addressing those who belong into fandoms.

Anywho, I have updated the playlist above to suit all fandoms I could think of (Yay!) I will be adding more when I can.

If there are any requests (and i'm sure there are many i have missed:) please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the playlist as soon as I can (which may not be too quick mind you, but I'll do my best).

Note also, that the list is completely random but if you think they should be sorted so you can listen to a particular fandom's soundtrack to suit the mood, please let me know!

And I have included some classics which I think could be considered "fandoms such as "Pride & prejudice" and "Little Women", again any requests are welcomed:)

I have also NOT included any Twilight, because I think there will be next to no posts about that on this blog. Sorry.

Finally, if you want to know what a song is called, click on the word "More" located at the top right. And if you wish to pause, skip a song or go back you can do so at the top left. (The pause and play buttons are the switching superhero symbols:)

(P.S, I have included Disney songs because its a fandom, but have not included Frozen's "Let it go", because while I find it overplayed, I still think its a good song. Most people don't share my opinion so sorry... or maybe, you're welcome?)

I think that's all for now, enjoy and request away!


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